Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have learned a lot in class these past few weeks. I never knew that programs like inspiration were out there and I think it will be very helpful in my teaching career. I am going to try to work this weekend on figuring out a better topic for the Inspiration assignment... I could not find a template OR topic I liked on Wednesday, so unfortunately, I did not get much done. I hope that classes like this will help me tap into the creative side of my brain.
I also am glad to know about wikis- which I had no previous knowledge about. I am still a little fuzzy on the interworkings of that and how to set one up for my classroom. So, I would like to be able to have some more time to fiddle around with those. I think I understand how to set one up, although when it comes to setting up an overall classroom wiki, I need some more practice.
I LOVED working with the movie making software this past week. I wish we had more time to work with this in class. That is probably the most interesting thing we've done. Prooobably not going to be the most helpful in the classroom, nevertheless, fun to know.
On a more recent note, I did not do as well on the mid- term as I had hoped, however, I think the questions I missed were rather obscure. So, that being said, I will need to read the text more closely in the future. However, the pre- questions helped greatly!
Looking forward to learning more!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008